Time, Distance, and Resources are some of the biggest barriers to healthcare. Smart Seha’s Call A Doctor service dissolves these barriers by bringing the Doctor to you.

With the click of a button, you will be connected to a licensed physician who will assess your situation and advise you on the course of action. When required, the Doctor will guide you to an appropriate facility near you that is on your insurance network.


Imagine a medical service dedicated to you with thousands of Doctors on standby to attend to your needs. Smart Seha’s Ask a Doctor service does exactly that — healthcare advice, anytime, anywhere.

With a network made up of over 20,000 doctors from 50+ specialties, Ask A Doctor transforms how people approach their health and wellness. Medical advice and second opinions have never been easier.

At any time of day, over 150 licensed physicians are online and ready to answer your questions.


There when you need it the most, Smart Seha’s international second opinion service provides our Members with the ability to have their diagnosis and/or treatment plan evaluated by leading medical minds across the globe When you or your loved ones are facing medical uncertainty, whether it’s a new diagnosis or a chronic medical condition, Smart Seha connects you with leaders in the healthcare industry. Involves a comprehensive medical review by a team of expert physicians to provide a collaborative and holistic review.

Our comprehensive Medical Second Opinion program provides our Members with access to cutting edge medical information without the need to get on a plane or wait weeks for an appointment. We connect our Members with a team of world leading experts in their diagnosed condition, allowing them to obtain an evaluation of their diagnosis along with a recommended course of treatment without leaving home. A short list of World Leading Medical Centres participating in the program:

24Hours a Day
7Days a Week
365Days a Week
15Years Experience

Services ForMEMBERS

  • Instant medical attention for non-urgent cases
  • Unlimited use of the services so you do not have to think twice before reaching out
  • Peace of mind for yourself and your family with a Doctor in your pocket
  • Easy to use interface with the ability to upload medical reports and pictures
  • Self-management tools to empower you to track and manage your own health

Services ForPAYERS

  • Fixed fee per member per year with unlimited consultations
  • Avoid unnecessary claims costs by giving your members instant access to our network of physicians
  • Local DHA licensed physicians can act as gatekeepers
  • Strict KPIs ensure client satisfaction
  • Unique service to add value to your products while decreasing claims costs


  • Simple tracking of your patient’s health over time
  • Centralized health records provide comprehensive information with ease
  • Increased patient retention and satisfaction
  • Distinguish your services with the use of an advanced, one-of-a-kind platform